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Zhongshan Weihua Lighting Co. Ltd.

Company Profile
Founded in 2009,Zhongshan Weihua Lighting Co., a professional manufacturer of Indoor/outdoor Wall Lights, lawn lights, wall lights,ceiling lights, courtyard street lights.It has more than 1000 patents of invention and utility model,with more than 20 new independent patents each year.Weihua lighting is adhere to the “Continuous innovation, customer satisfaction, energy conservation, environmental protection, quality first”service philosophy, committed to creating a well-known brand at home and abroad....
Products List

central european post lamp wall balcony door garden patio post l
Contact Us
Company: Zhongshan Weihua Lighting Co. Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Jesse Wong
Address: Yongyi Road, Henglan Town
Postcode: 528400
Tel: 13680257187

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